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June 01, 2007


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I live in an area of narrow winding lanes and low bridges where it's not uncommon to find large lorries completely stuck, lured to their fate by that British voice you describe. 'point five miles....' except she's wasn't programmed to know there's a bridge in the way, and no possibility for the lorry to turn round for five point something miles back.

E. danni

You can change your GPS to a man, you know, if you like. Enjoy the drive with her/him.


I call mine Chris after the former St. Christopher. One day, I was driving to a shopping center I wasn't familiar with and had my 84 year old grand-aunt in the car. She had a good laugh over the fact that I'd named my GPS navigator. He chimed in with directions as we were speaking and she said, "not now Chris, I'm talking, it's rude to interrupt". We had a good laugh over that.

Dan Beane

I haven't named my gps, that I can remember, but talk to it. Whenever I finally get to my destination, it says "You have arrived". I respond, "My mother thinks very highly of me, but I wouldn't go that far." I used to include my best friend, Larry, but he died 14 months ago.

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