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October 22, 2006


no one

The take that the Boulder paper doesn't run death notices is incorrect. The Camera still runs notifications of death for free, and people can still track the sad passing of people here.
The Camera charges for full obituaries, which may be regrettable, but the simple facts of birth and death are still reported as news and the paper absorbs the cost of doing that.
That last part, at least, is as it should be.
I won't try to defend the no letters policy.
As someone in the industry, I'd like to impress upon you that there's no guarantee newspapers will continue to exist for many more years. Then they'll be replaced by big national concerns only writing about national news. Google "Clear Channel" "News" and "train derailment" to see what that'll be like.
I worked as a writer at the Camera for years and never once heard from our "corporate overlords" about how to cover news. Conversely, at a family owned paper in a similar-sized market, I watched colleagues' stories spiked and altered due to the family's concerns over how their friends and interests would be perceived by readers.
The Camera's Corporate Overlords may want to nickel and dime families for obituaries as the paper scrambles to survive, but they don't seem to care what news gets printed. Sad, but it has its upside.

Don Oberbeck

Being a former long time resident of Boulder, CO who now travels for extended periods I find this new high profit oriented thinking as it applies to the obituaries a disgrace. Over the many years there I've made many friends and now with this new system I can no longer keep abreast of my deceased friends. A reversal of your "go for cheap" decision is in order.

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