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January 07, 2007


Janet McCormick

Someone is obviously posting comments in my name. I never posted that comment.


Darlene is still a Shopaholic. The box of her brother's songs that she supposedly never had, I have personally seen in her closet. She uses church employees to work in her personal business on her horse ranch and pays them with ministry funds from the church. I know you can claim the pastor's home as a parsonage but the horse ranch has nothing to do with ministry. Try to prove to me how hauling hay, mucking stalls, and fixing water troughs in the barn has anything to do with the ministry. Her husband regularly uses his ministry as a way to write off horse trading fuel costs. He will have a deal to bring some horses to some other state and then he finds a church within 15 miles and he will schedule himself to either preach or sing there. That way he can pay for the fuel, room, board etc with the church credit card. They also have all of their children on payroll. This is fine and dandy, but I wonder what roll their daughter in L.A. serves to further the ministry of Solid Rock Church back here in Ohio. I am sure it's worth every penny she is paid. Oh, and don't forget the 2.5 million dollar house they had to build for Julie to convince her to move home. Her husband is also on the payroll making $60,000 a year to edit videos, after the previous head of the video dept. mysteriously went to prison for child pornography. I could go on all day. I worked for these people for years. I also spent a great deal of time with them personally. I used to be a Jesus freak, but the more time I spent near these people the more I resented "organized" religion and the big business it has become. For now I spend my time with God in solitude, away from the mass hysteria that come along with being involved with the delusional mobs found in places like this.

janet mccormick

I would love to speak to you. I'm involved in this case. You are the only one that has picked up on what I have said all along. And by the way, she has never given up the dismal dark dilema that brought her to God--which is shopping. I read her "christian" testimony a while back and was taken back at just how honest she was on her web site. It is udderly ridiculous. This is NOT what she professed early on in her christian walk. Her NEED to identify with her audience is my only guess as to why she would print that. When I read her book, I too, was dumbfounded with her personal struggle with breast cancer i.e. the first pain and the bleeding. It was so not a usual response to such a serious illness and was quite suspect of a made up mello drama. I cared deeply for Wayne and I hated seeing him suffer as he did. After a year of no doctors at all, he was in terrible pain that he finally did go to the hospital. Antibiotics were administered and he did get some relief. He had a horrible infection in his throat that caused a nasty fever. Later, he received chemotherapy treatment. It was then that he started gaining weight and feeling good. None of this was mentioned in her book. Nor has any mention of his death appeared as a retraction. I am at least thankful that people higher than I and these kids are bringing light to a very misleading and wreckless situation.

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